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how do you change tri channel memory to dual channel? For instance, if someone bought tri channel memory for a a dual channel board... how would one go about configuring his/her ram ?
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  1. it's not up ram to be "changed" . the memory is what it is. it will work as single, double or tri channel. it all depends on the memory controller. is that dual channel or tri channel? or both.

    which cpu/mobo are you using.

    for example amd processors have built in memory controller that is dual channel. the latest intel processors have the same feature.
  2. The difference isn't in the memory, it's in the CPU/Motherboard.

    "Dual-channel" memory means a motherboard which optimizes memory access for PAIRS of DIMM modules.

    "Tri-channel" memory means a motherboard which optimizes memory for groups of 3 DIMM modules.

    If you bought "Tri-channel memory" for a dual-channel motherboard, what it means is that you bought a kit of 3 DIMMs. If you want to get optimum performance in your dual-channel motherboard, just plug in 2 of the DIMMs and leave the 3rd one on the shelf.

    If your motherboard has six or eight sockets, you could get a second 3-channel kit with 3 more DIMMS and plug in all six of them - that way you'd have three PAIRS running at optimum speed.

    If your motherboard has four sockets, you could by ONE more DIMM module with the same specifications as the other 3 and plug all four of them in for optimized memory speed.
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