Help me adjust my memory!

I have an xfx board and G.skill memory and a core 2 duo quad core (2.44ghz) I accidently bought tri channel memory and my board is only compatible with dual channel memory. What should I do? Everything in the bios is at default.
I can post specifics if anyone needs them. I was just wondering if anyone has came across this before.

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  1. Tri-channel means that you bought 3 modules. You can install 2 in dual-channel mode or all 3 in single-channel. You could also return them and buy one or two dual-channel kit(s).
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    put two stick in dual channel

    then when you have the money get the fourth stick separate and put it and the last of the triple channel kit in
  3. Well... thanks for responding guys. G.skill (the manufacturer of my memory) said that they don't sell these stick individually. Of course not, it's Tri channel... hence the Tri... So now I have to purchase another 3 pack of memory just to fit my memory slots. On top of that, I'll have to install the 64 bit of vista home premium to even utilize t that. G.Skill I must say, the hardware they sold me is fine. I give it 5 our 5 gold stars. But their customer service is extremely slow to respond. We're talking 2 - 3 days here. God bless them. So anyway, here's the latest: I've been over clocking my computer. I got my quad core (2.4 ghz) overclocked to 2.8 ghz. !! the only problem is, every time I set my fsb to 1600 My computer won't even boot to bios. It's so wierd. So, I changed my multiplier to 7x instead of the 9x that it was set at. Nothing. The only way I could overclock to 2.8 ghz was sacrificing the fsb for some reason... i think. I don't know... to be honest ... this over clocking thing is new to me. I don't think I can set my Memory to 1600. My machine become unstable. I don't know what I'm doing. If anyone is experienced with overclocking and knows a conservative overclock method for me to use; please let me know. I'll check back as you guys are faster than G.skill to respond! Btw my name is tom, so I like this website a lot. god bless guys! talk to you soon.

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