PSU Help!

im building a new system that will be as nice as i can afford...
i do know a bit about components but not so much on PSU's

my question is....

would a corsair HX850w PSU Power this...

i7 920---------------------------------------(overclocked as much as i safely can)
2x XFX GTX275 XXX edition---------------(SLI'd and overclocked)
1x EVGA 9600GT---------------------------(overclocked)
6x 2GB OCZ Reaper 1800MHZ------------(overclocked)
CCFL Case Lighting
7 Fans---------------------------------------(5 case with LED's, 1 CPU, 1 RAM)
8 SATA Drives-------------------------------(HDD's and Optical)
Floppy Drive

I heard there amazing and a 850w corsair works better
and produces more power then most others 900's

all i need is a yes or a no from quite a few people (and a sufficient ulternative Power Supply if im to be so cheeky) :-P

thank you for all your help,

please get back to me soon, im ordering on Saturday :-)

mellor x
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  1. Yes, it would... Comfortably
  2. any one else think yes or no?

    mellor x
  3. Easily, yes.
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