Grampa's DVD is missing again

I have an Acer Travelmate 5320 that has developed a problem with the DVD burner. It is not found anywhere. It is no longer in the bios, windows explorer does not see it, a cd or dvd placed in the drive is not seen.......... yep get ready for it..... a windows xp install disk is found right away. It would let me reinstall xp 32 but it will not let me play a movie. I have the same problem on my acer aspire 3210 as well. I have run malware, avg free and paid, systemsuite free and paid, advanced system care free and paid, every microsoft fixit program I could find. I am not a computor geek by any degree. I have just learned how to do a few things but I can not find any way to fix this.To show you how frustrated I am I just bought an external dvd burner off ebay last night. I run the avg and advanced every night for virus and malware removal. Can someone please offer some simple solutions? Thank you. 3's
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  1. Can you see it in the device manager? (control panel/administrative tools/computer management/device manager)
  2. Hello Grandpa - This is a "Great Grandpa" Responding.

    One thing you are doing, which is completely un-necessary is running Advanced System Care every night. Most, if not all Tuneup APPS, launch a Registry Cleaner, which as far as I am concerned do next to nothing to improve system performance. Allowing 3rd party software to (fix) registry , I would not recommend, even doing it once, let alone every night.

    Seeing that you have the Win Installation CD, and your system still is able to read it, I would do a Repair function.
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