4870 or 4890?

Does anyone think that it's a good idea to buy a 4890 now and then buy a second one in a couple of years when I might need the extra preformance for games, or are there any better ideas?
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  1. nah ill rather stick to my 4870's for now... reason is that performance increase is under 6% but ye w/e your choice man!!
  2. ^+1

    I just got a second HD4870 1GB for myself. You can get them now fro $169., and the 512MB version for $139.00 so if you dont mind paying $50 - $80 more for 6 - 10% Performance increase get the 4890. Your eyes wont notice the difference.
    Crossfire setup will be $100 -$160 Cheaper, depending if you go with 512MB or 1GB version of the hd4870.

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