Problem with processor temperature (Scythe Mugen 2 installation)

Hi everyone. Maybe it's not overclocking problem, but I couldn't find a section that would fit better.
I have a computer with MSI 770 C45, AMD Phenom X4 955 BE (not overclocked!) with Scythe Mugen 2 rev. 2 cooler in Cooler Master Elite 330 case. I have some huge problems with CPU temperature.
When idle Everest shows me a 46*-52* (~118-124 *F) celsius. Yesterday when I started Prime95 stress test in few (3-5) seconds the temperature rised to 66 (~150 *F) degrees so I stopped the test.
Today when I dismantled the whole PC I noticed that radiator left only a little mark on the CPU paste (Arctic Silver 5). You can see It on this picture
So the central section of CPU is not covered by radiator. I tried to install cooler in different positions, but unfortunetly there is no which fits good.
I put more thermal paste on cpu and radiator than before to fill the empty place (but not too much, just a dot in size of one - two rice grains). Now its just a little bit better. In Prime95 stress test CPU reaches 63 celsius degrees in 2 minutes (when third test starts), but still its way too much! I know that CPU can work in so high temperatures (although AMD website info says that 62 is a maximum temperature), but I dont want to. I payed for decent cooling and good case to have low temperature CPU. I don't need another heater in my room.

Do You have any ideas how to help me? What can I do to make the cooler radiator cover the whole CPU?
Thank you in advance for any suggestions. Im fighting with that problem for one week and I'm now desperate. Sorry for my English, I haven't used it for long long time.

PS There is a good air circulation in the case. I have two 120mm x 120mm fans (one in the front, second in behind), and a huge fan installed in PSU (OCz ModXStream Pro 500W). When the cover is opened I have only 2-3 degrees lower than when its closed.
Also before I had standard box cooler, after that I only rubbed the old thermal paste (I think it was also standard OEM paste) with just a tissue.
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  1. It does sound like the problem is the thermal paste application and heatsink installation.

    You only need a very small amount of paste, too much will cause the cpu to overheat also.

    Remove the heatsink and give the base and the cpu a really good clean.

    If you don't have anything like Arcticlean use tissue making sure there is no dust left on either suface.

    Don't touch either surface with your fingers.

    Remove surrounding components to give yourself room to work and try to install the heatsink in one motion.

    Don't twist the heatsink around or push it down, just let the clamp do the job, don't worry about covering the edges.

    This might help -
  2. get some good TIM cleaner like Arctic Silver ACN Thermal material Remover & Surface Purifier... if not get some clear vodka or nail polish remover with high alcohol content to clean the heatsink and the cpu surface... use a lint free cleaning cloth or cotton pad... and remove the cpu from the board and give it a nice clean on the surface plate...

    reseat it carefully and then apply the thermal paste like this (see the last frame)... or this method...then just clamp down the mugen 2... and thats bout it for TIM and cooler installation...

    Also try installing the side fan to see if that helps in dropping the temps... the case is decent enough but not ideal for high OC levels...
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