New CPU? + RAM suggestions

Hi guys

Being offered an i7 975 Extreme for £400? Worth it? They still retail for alot more, but then it is a last gen i7.

If not will be an i7 930. This will be going with an Asus Ramage GENE mATX board and a GTX 580

In the interest of saving posts, will also ask about RAM.

What is the best DDR3 available at present for high performance. Would like 8gb for my core i5 and 12gb for my (future) core i7.

Been looking at the corsair dominators with the cooling fan (they look sooooo nice) but the timing (1600, 1866, 2200) are all over the place with the latencies. Which is the BEST set to get, as I do not have enough experience with ram timings / latencies to pick the best

Or could some nice G Skills (DDR3 with Cas7 latency)

Running win 7 64 bit on a sandforce SSD (the i5 is sat on a mini itx Zotac h55)
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  1. Wanted to expand on my first post. My dilemma is £400 is cheap...but i could get the hex core 980x for £600...but would i notice?

    Excel programming (could use the 12 cores on offer from a 980x) but most usage will be gaming.
  2. Also, just a side note. Definately going to be using one of these for the boot drive. Saves using a 2.5 > 3.5 conversion kit, and keeps HD secure and hidden (black housing matches case) and can use permanent cable management.
  3. Quiet in here these days eh?
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