Overclocking Athlon X3 450

So I'm planning on getting the parts necessary for a decent gaming computer within the next week or two and thought about o'cing the CPU, however I've never done so before and I need some help. Here are my specs if needed:

Xion ATX mid tower case:

Asus micro ATX AM3 Motherboard:

Radeon HD 5850 & 650w PSU:

Athlon x3 450 CPU & 4 gb ram:

As for the DVD writer, I already have one. So my questions are, for one, can I even overclock with this psu? If so what heatsink or fan would be recommended (I don't want to get a super expensive one, at most around 50$) and how high would I be able to get the CPU's clock speeds with said fan or heatsink. I don't need this to be a top notch, blazing overclock, I just want some info to get started into overclocking, thanks for any help. Edit: forgot to mention my HDD
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  2. And how high do you think I would be able to get the speeds to with that cooler? (Thanks for responding by the way) And how high could I get the speeds on the stock cooler?
  3. People have gotten up to 4.0 GHz on 920 pretty easy and retained heat about 60-65 degrees centigrade.
  4. Thanks, I really appreciate the response, I had figured I wouldn't receive an answer for this. I'll try out this cooler that you suggested :D
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  6. When you get it, post back and tell me how everything is. Also, try out different case fans with it and experiment. I would like to see what you come out with.
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