Dell vostro 220 graphics card help

hi, i'm looking for gpu for my cousin but the more i research into it the more i start to doubt myself, trying to keep cost to a minimum.

i'm looking into the 4670 for him, some posts saying it will fine in the vostro 220 with a dell 300w psu and some say even though it does not require additional 6 pin power, the pci-e slot might draw too many watts from the psu.

so would you recommend the 4670 with the dell 300w psu? specs are:

1 hard drive
1 dvd drive
1x2gb 1x1gb =3gb total
max screen res 1440x900
possible internal card reader

i haven't looked at the pc yet but I've read the psu might have four 12v lines two should already be taken up so with the other two remaining i was thinking buy 2 sata to molex adapters then molex to 6 pin pci-e adapter then stick a 4830 in there instead or do you seriously not recommend with these specs and this psu

and if you say no to both cards please someone tell me which card you would recommend with the 300w psu

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  1. The 4670 would be a very good card with the Dell 300w power supply. Just make sure it isn't a Vostro 220S (slimline). The HD4830 would be pushing it a bit. I'm not sure when the HD4770 is due for release, but it would be a viable alternative from what little i have read about it. Personally i'd recommend the HD4670 at this time.
  2. had a good look at the different versions of the 4670 found a gdd4 version are the different memory chips going suck more power from the pci-e slot than the gddr3?

    it will be used entirely for games with all eye candy on unless unplayable frame rate at load all the time, and for future upgrades 1 hard drive and a blu ray drive.

    would still recommend buying this card with these system specs and possible upgrades with the 300w psu?

    just need your thumbs up and i will buy it.
    once again thank you for your help
  3. Yes go with the 4670, great card and yet will concume little power.
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