How to create a partition on an external hard drive with deleted partition

I deleted the partition on my Western Digital 1.5TB external hard drive and now I can't create a new partition on it. How do I create a new partition on my external hard drive? It is recognized in the Disk Management tool in Windows XP but does not give me the option to create a new partition.
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  1. I also experienced the similar partition problem last time. I had an internal hard drive with four partitions. However, somehow, I deleted one of them somehow. But, a few days latter, I finally realized I also deleted some important files on this partition at the same time. Therefore, I tried a partition recovery program named Vimx Partition Recovery that had eventually recovered my files back!
    I get this partition recovery tool:
    I was so excited about its great result that I came here to share my feeling with you and hope my words could help other person resolve their partition recovery problem.
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