Changing ram voltage + timing? Should I?

Mmmkay. I have this memory installed in my computer:

Q1 - The site says the voltage should be 1.65v but in my BIOS it's showing up as 1.5v. I read some places say that 1.65v is a maximum setting and that if it's lower you should just leave it that way. Is that true, or should I change it to 1.65v? I also read that not having it at manufacturer settings could be dangerous so I'm a bit confused which advice to follow!

Q2 - Also, many people are saying that the timings are showing up differently in BIOS than the timings that are advertised. Should I change these? If I were to change these, which numbers are they? This is my first time so it's hard for me to tell if I'm changing the wrong number... I think I found them but not sure... :??:

gigabyte x58a-ud3r
gtx 460 1gb

Thanks for any advice :D

P.S. - I'm not interested in overclocking/gaming. This computer is just for graphics/internet.
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  1. Q1 - Those voltages as advertised are the rated voltages for the Speed and timings of the RAM that you bought. If you can sustain a stable system at the advertised timings and speed (w/o OC) at a slightly lower DRAM voltage than by all means go ahead!

    Q2 - You should change the timings in your BIOS to the rated timings for your RAM, in order to get the performance your paid for. The RAM timings can normally be found in the RAM configuration section in your BIOS. The numbers will be easy to find as you can simply match up the correct values to the Advertised values of your RAM. Just lower (or raise?) the current timings to the advertised values, save, and then restart your system. Profit!
  2. Thanks!

    1 - Well... it's only been on a few hours total so I'm not sure if I can know if it's stable? I'm afraid to run it too long without knowing how I should set the voltage...

    2 - I think I found the values but in the BIOS screen there's like 6~8 numbers total and on the timing there's only 3? So I'm not sure which ones to change D:
  3. All righty
    Q1 - Run a stability test (Such as Memtest) to check for the ram stability, if it passes the test and then runs stable in Real Life applications for a, say a week, then you are fine. If it fails, make the changes to the listed voltage and then test again.

    Q2 - The Numbers you wish to change are the CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-CMD. these are the numbers obn the RAM sticks as well as the advertsied package. For example, mine are Set at 7-9-7-20 T2. Just find these values in the BIOS and change them to the correct values. Remember to save your changes!
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