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My first post so bear with me:

I'm having an odd bootup up problem. I have a Gigabyte GA-7DXR, 1 gig 266 fsb AMD, 128 mb 2100 DDR, 3dfx Banshee, 10 gig partition into 1.5 gig and 8.5 (with the former the boot) and a 40 gig.
Whenever I shutdown my computer for the night and go to reboot it in the morning, it will always lock up about halfway through the windows logo screen. It will always boot fine into safe mode, but needs about 10 manual resets or an hour or two running in safemode before it will let me boot into "normal" mode. Once in "normal" mode, resetting will always bring me back into "normal" mode. It's almost like having to push old cars down hills to start them--it just needs to be "warmed up." Any solutions? It's rather annoying to say the least.

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  1. At a guess, I'd be suspecting either your PSU (what's the wattage?) or maybe a touch of overheating. If the PSU is getting old, it may be starting to fail, but if you've been messing with the system at all, try to remember what you did.

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  2. its sure some hardware error, maybe the display card or PS. try reducing the clock to some 800 MHz and check how often it happens.

    there is a issue with some chips with win98se, checkout for the patch on the MS site, the same one for K6-II on win95 is supposed to work.


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