Netgear router and AT&T DSL

I want to buy a router but I use AT&T DSL so now I'm not sure what to do. The whole process sounds very difficult and frustrating. Maybe I should find an expert and pay him/her to do it for me. Is that a stupid idea?
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  1. Presumably AT&T have provided a simple ADSL modem device. If it's USB-only your best bet is probably to speak to AT&T and see if they can supply a replacement which is a proper (presumably wireless) ADSL router.

    Or maybe they can recommend one which they know works with their system -- or inform you of the correct WAN settings so you can set up your own choice of ADSL router.

    If the device already supplied by AT&T has an ethernet output you need a router which does NOT include ADSL but is designed to connect to an ADSL modem. Speak to AT&T and perhaps go to a specialist retailer and explain what you're doing.

    It's not especially difficult to install an ADSL Wireless Router but you will need some cooperation from AT&T -- and the patience to read the router manual.
  2. Thanks, I guess I'll start with AT&T. The big pain is they want to make me purchase a combination modem/router and it's around $100.00. If I could just purchase a router it'd be half the price. Another way for AT&T to get into my wallet.
  3. Be sneaky and find out what model they're offering and whether it has been customised (i.e. whether it is locked to AT&T). If it's designed only for use with their system you may not be able to use a retail version instead.

    If it's just a standard model you can certainly find a decent ADSL modem/router for half their price, retail.

    I'd look for an AT&T forum on an independent website and see what other users have done.
  4. Just fought this battle with my Netgear WGR614 v7 Router. With my Motorola 2210 modem with ATT ADSL service.

    Everyone said I need to program router to accept ADSL logon password. Somehow "bridge" or disable modem and let router do the work. I didn't have to do any of that stuff. If you have a Modem/Router device instead of just a modem then maybe you need to bride... maybe not.

    I ran the Netgear setup wizard and it correctly identified my PPPoE connection. It then asked for my modem login and password.. and REQUIRED me to put that in. But router wouldn't work with modem.

    I had to go into Advanced setup mode in the Router and set it back to NO where you tell it if ISP requires login and password. Wizard set it to YES, which is effectively wrong in this case.

    Solution was so simply I almost missed it. Here's the thing. Modem already logs you onto the ISP so router doesn't have to. So we don't need to re-enter our ISP-Modem login and password again in the modem.

    A simply 2 minute setting adjustment to undo the Wizard settings, and my router works just fine with my ADSL modem.

    Took me 5 hours of web surfing and fiddling with router to learn I didn't need to do anything fancy, and learn that the Netgear Wizard incorrectly set up my modem. Another hour of studying advanced settings, and it fell into place for me.

    Maybe this note will save someone else from the hassle. ATT techs would discuss the Netgear modem. Netgear techs all wanted to dissable or bridge the modem. Simply solution is so simple maybe it took a simply mind like mine to figure it out. I dunno.
  5. Lawrence7: Using AT&T's DLS modem in front of your Netgear router will work just fine....until your power goes out, or someone shuts off a device or two. Then you'll be re-establishing your internet connection. By bridging the modem to your router, you're just letting the signal "flow through" your modem and allowing your router to do the work of the modem. Should you have a power outage (a not-uncommon occurrence around my parts), when it returns, your internet connection will be back without your having to do a thing. A good thing in my book...
  6. Lawrence7 said:

    Solution was so simply I almost missed it. Here's the thing. Modem already logs you onto the ISP so router doesn't have to. So we don't need to re-enter our ISP-Modem login and password again in the modem.

    I had a 7.5 year old AT&T speedstream 5100 that just died. AT&T tech said get a Motorola 3360 or Westel 6200. Got the Motorola at Best Buy. Plugged it in and without using the router at first I got an internet connection and filled out their forms. After that I added in the Netgear WGR614v6 router and could not get a connection - until I saw the above note. Yes, things changed, with this dsl modem you need to click the No button next to "Does your internet connection require a login?"

    Many thanks for your posting!
  7. It took me a while to find a thread to help me set up my Netgear ADSL2+ Router DG834G v3. With At&T Yahoo DSL service.

    Dont use the wizard as mentioned here.

    Under basic Setting.
    Set to PPPoE
    Enter your or whatever it is. Its on your bill.
    Password, a ridiculously long one from ATT. I called to get it but I know I saw it somewhere else...
    Set Dynamic IP to Auto
    Set DNS Address to Auto
    NAT (Network Address Translation) - Enable

    Click on the ADSL Settings.
    Set to LLC-Based
    VPI - 0
    VCI - 35
    DSL Mode to - Auto

    Yeah no more crappy 2WIRE!!!
    Good luck, hope this helps.
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