Increase Memory Voltage Or No?

i have an OCZ Platinum DDR2 6400 1GB ( Dont have the exact model number ). On the site, i managed to find another ocz platinum ram that looks same as myn and the specs look the same too.

My doubt is, when i OC my ram, my RAM also jumps from 800 mhz to 1080 mhz. i try to change the multiplier to 2.0, which is the lowest i can go, and then get the RAM frequency back to 900 Mhz. Is there any other way to change the ram frequency ( other than the multiplier ) so that i can get the ram to run at 800 mhz again? or am i better off running it at 900 mhz? if so, should i feed extra voltage for my ram?

in the site it says 2.1V and 2.2 EVP ( electronic voltage protection). so it technically only gives me .1 V headroom.

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  1. Well, In your BIOS, can you adjust your Frequency or is it based on the multi? If it is based on the Multi, you are fine.
  2. ram must increase VDIM for overclocking, as well DDR2 2.5 Max
    2.1V ~2.3 good for your DDR2
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