sean :(
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  1. If_you_could_type_spaces_with_the_old_keyboard_but_not_the_new,_return_the_busted_new_keyboard. Or could you not input spaces with EITHER keyboard?
  2. hi_wyoming_thats_correct_i_cant_input_spacebar_function_using_both_keyboards.had_to_download_a_onscreen_keyboard_to_get_the_spacebar.

  3. If it's both keyboards, I have no idea!
  4. try_plugging_it_to_another_usb_port_also_try_using_a_ps/2_keyboard_and_see_if_problem_goes_away
  5. sorry_pyree_changed_usb_port_AND_tried_ps/2_as_well...any_other_suggestions??

  6. Go to device manager and uninstall and reinstall keyboard device?
  7. Calling all smart-asses ! :kaola:

    Next time you feel the need to leave a space, press the "Alt" key and hold it. Now enter 032 in the number pad and release the Alt key... Got space ? :sarcastic:

    No???? :heink:

    try entering 255 instead of 032. [:tigsounds]
  8. The keyboard character code. That works as well but I think that is even more inconvenient to type than using _
  9. I couldn't resist. It's the old saying that goes something like "Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures."

    Me thinks his file kbdclass.sys is bad.

  10. Level up for me on xp knowledge. I never ran into a keyboard problem before, so haven't looked for a fix. Thanks tigsounds.
  11. Woa .... "me thinks" is far from "This IS the problem" !!!

  12. Well, at least it is further than what I got.
  13. seaninis said:

    sean :(

    Put your XP disk in the CD ROM drive. After it auto-runs, cancel whatever it offers to do (close).


    Start>Run>SFC /scannow

    The keyboard drivers are one of the things it will be scanning, and repairing if it finds a fault.
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