Which ram do i need?

I am greatly confused with this old dell i recently took out the closet. i want to get it going for word/light internet reading for my mom. It is a dell dimension 8250. i need to know what ram it takes so i can start searching. here are the specs:

Dimension 8250
Cpu-pentium 4/ bus 533 mhz/ 2.66ghz/512kb
OP-windows xp
mobo-dell rev a00
HD-wd 120 gb
ram?- 2 x 128mb non-ecc
Gpu-Nvidia p73-64 mb ddr nvidia mx420

I know this computer is old. it was boughten in 2002 from dell. it may not be worth adding more ram too but thats why im researching. other questions:

What hd would i need? im thinking this 1 is either dying or dead. write times are pretty horrible?
would buying a usb stick and setting it so its used as ram be worth it?
thanks for your help
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  1. P4... thatll be DDR ram most likely.

    HDD just get a cheap IDE HDD, doubt it has sata, can you confirm that?
    DONT get a USB and expect it to act as RAM, there is absolutely no comparison in regards to performance
  2. ya its ddr just dont know which 1
    ya its definatly not sata. ide connections looks right. ty =)
    ok was worth the idea. ty

    anyone know which ram? and why do i have 4 slots...2 are small sticks and 2 are regular sized sticks
  3. Sounds weird, havent had any experience with P4 boards, but i have heard of different chipsets using different ram, you may have some kinda of hybrid board that supports both?

    If you can get some pics of the slots it would help determining what ram slot you have
  4. What hd would i need? im thinking this 1 is either dying or dead. write times are pretty horrible?
    would buying a usb stick and setting it so its used as ram be worth it?

    HDD ATA max 80~ 160 Gb Samsung/seagate

    Usb min 4Gb used by Rambooster is very helpfull increase chache RAM, anytime use 2x128 Gb very hard work. u can open more 3~4 program with Rambooster

    for Better buy Stick RAM 2x1GB very very Worth ! DDR1 KINGSTON 1GB / VISIPRO
  5. ill post pics when i get off work. p1n3 says ramboost wont work?

    you can see the 4 sticks. 2 are different sizes. and all the numbers/codes. hopefully that helps. my mobo is dell rev a00.

  6. this is from dell online service manual. i need ram compatible to ddr 800 1 sells it

    edit: im seeing $300-800 for 2x 512mb pairs.....their kidding right..
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    Ohhh, you mean that kind of different sizes, thats just different sets of ram having different cooling methods on them.

    Where have you looked? newegg? naturally thats gonna be high for legacy prices, look at something like newegg, if you cant find the seperate parts, try and find a working computer with a P4 and the same RDRAM in it which you can salvage from.
    That is if you really need the extra ram
  8. RDRAM very very hard to find them! use USB drive for help virtual Ram
  9. ebay has 2x512mb for around $60. but seeing as rdram is so old ill probably get ripped with useless ram. this computer was once faster. and i think ifigured out why. the video card is not being reconized. it says code 10...cant figure out what that means. ive tried every install update. unistalling. etc using the original cd and nothing works. went into bios and set the agp to auto and vice versa. nothing seems to do the trick. anyone have this problem?

    Will a usb make a noticeable difference? and are you sure...
  10. If you have something like the OCZ enyo (that portable usb like ssd thing), THAT would make a difference. However if youre just using your generic 4GB flash drive you picked up for 10$ from your nearest bestbuy or whatever (not american you see) then personally i believe that wont make a difference. Im not sure about read speeds for RDRAM, but your run of the mill flash drive will only get you 20MB/s. I have w7, never tried readyboost.
    BTW, does the computer has usb2.0? If it does, then just use a spare drive and see if it does anything noticeable. If its 1.0 or 1.1 i wouldnt even bother trying
  11. its a usb 2.0.

    ok so if all else fails ill get a readyboost for shts n giggles n let you know. my main concern now is getting this nvidia mx 420 driver to work. i think thats the reason its so choppy.
  12. A clean re-install of the OS will probably make it more snappy. Worked for me a few months ago when i kept on re-install w7 to get the partitioning right on my laptop.
  13. i have reinstalled. updated etc. was first thing i did =\
  14. Oh right, try with the integrated video if you have any and try that?

    Try resorting to legacy drivers made for the card, like the ones you got with the GPU?

    Is the GPU seating properly in the slot?

    Is it overheating?

    Is it running at proper clocks?
  15. proper clocks yes. overheating no. ive reseated and checked and double checked. its a driver issue for sure. it runs fine in safe mode doesnt show the code.

    now its giving me a code 38. saying windows cannot load the device driver because a previous device driver is still in memory...whatever that means?
  16. in safe mode go control panel uninstall driver vga it can re boot when inthe normal win7 it's mean vga damage when ask driver install with CD bundle!
  17. hmm ill give that a try ty

    edit: what should i be looking for? should i go to drivers and completly unistall the mx 420 or go under installed and remove the nvidia drivers? or both? start over?
  18. go safemode , uninstall completelly driver VGA /Nvidia from control panel & restart
  19. didn't work. tried 2 times. still gave me the code 10. ima try and reformatt again see if that changes anything. sighhhhhh this computer is a complete hassel lol
  20. The memopry you need is RIM memory not ram memory. I have the same model that kind of memory is a little bit faster and ECC .
    Check at that site you will fin d what you need.

    I have the same Dell s*** as you I give it to my nephew, because the memory to upragde it still to exepensve.

    Ragards Jive
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