HELP EP45-UD3R wont get into bios.

I Have the Gigabyte EP45-UD3R MOBO and when i turn the computer, the Gigabyte screen comes up and i click delete (thats what it tells me to do) and it doesn't do anything it just continues throughout the booting up process. Any help to get into the bios would be great.
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  1. Press Del repeatedly as soon as you power up until it gets into the BIOS.
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    Some USB keyboards take too long to initialise or are disabled in the BIOS settings.
    For best results, try a normal PS2 keyboard, I keep one around purefly for this reason.
  3. I knew I spelt purely wrong :(
  4. Isn't a purefly the tastiest kind for a spider? Or am I thinking of vampires?
  5. Thanks
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