Is my cpu overheating?

everest ultimate reads my cpu idle 36c and core 1 30c, core 2 24c idle. and everest is consistant with speedfan.

core temp says core 0 51c, core 1 44c idle.

my cpu is amd athlon 64 x2 5600+ with stock heatsink/fan and artic silver. this was my first time switching cpus so im scared i did thermal paste wrong if the core temps are correct, i wanna believe the everest temps =\. computer shut off randomly twice yesterday playing counter-strike so im guessing its my psu or cpu over heating?
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  1. System specs?
  2. 51c and 44 idle.

    To be honest i would not trust the stock cooler.
    But i would buy an after market one.
    This should help.

    Do a test of the cpu temp when under load / playing CSS.
    70c or more is bad.

    As for the thermal paste, you only need a small blob of it the size of a grain of rice.
    Then spread it all over the heat spredder of the cpu in a very thin layer.

  3. jsc said:
    System specs?

    dell inspirion i cant spell 531, amd athlon 64 x2 5600+, 4x 1gig ddr2 sticks, 9600gt, 1tb sata hdd, sata dvd rw.

    and shaun i dunno if they are my temps or not, everest says much lower, i tried spreadin it but i didnt do a very good job, was thinking of just redoing and letting heatsink spread it this time.
  4. oh and thats not my cpu, mines the 1mb l2, 65w bris somthing.
  5. those AM2 chips runs pretty hot. My old 5200+ ran low 40c @ idle. After installing Artic Cooler 64, temp dropped to 27c @ idle.
  6. what temp should i be believing? hopefully you say the everest temps =]
  7. bump
  8. I would go by the Bios reading.
    Hit delete on boot up, have a check in there.
    Hardware Monitor.

    See what your temps are.

    But like i said buy an after market cooler, it will do a much better job of cooling the CPU.
    It would help to know what mother board you are using.
  9. RY206
  10. HWMonitor?
  11. that says 44c core 0, 50c core 1
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