Overclocking memory clock of integrated graphics cards?

OK. So I have a HP Pavillion m7750n Media Center PC (Desktop) with a GeForce 6150 LE/nForce 430 Chipset integrated graphics card and an A8M2N-LA (NodusM3) motherboard. Default speeds are: 425 MHz core and the memory clock is the same as that of system RAM (Since I have DDR2-PC24200, it is 533 MHz). I have overclocked the core clock to 569 MHz stable, and is now looking at overclocking the memory clock. Using EVGA-Percision, I pushed the memory clock to 608 MHz, but CPU-Z reports that my System RAM speed remains at 533 MHz? Is this possible to have system RAM run at 533 MHz then integrated GPU (which leeches memory off of RAM) to run at 608 MHz? Or is EVGA Percision not having any effect at all (giving false readings). I checked with the graphics section of CPU-Z and it too is reporting my GPU memory clock to be at 608 MHz, and so is FurMark. Is it possible that these programs are reading off of EVGA Percision's setting but not detecting the actual speed? Or is memory clock really running at 608 MHz?


But GPU-Z still reports that my graphics memory clock is at 266 MHz (which is 533 MHz with DDR2):

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  1. As I understand it, integrated graphics systems are part of your MB's resources, so it uses your CPU and your main RAM via FSB/ Northbridge.
    So... It should be referenced against these, and not be able to be overclocked the way you're doing it.

    *However* with chip-sets like yours, the integrated graphics have their own kind of graphics-chip and memory, shared with the mentioned MB resources.
    The only thing I can think of for you is the boosts you're seeing are those affecting this integrated graphics-chip and its small chunk of embedded memory. Keep in mind, also, that the programs may have slightly different methods of assessing your system. In saying that, it would be more beneficial to just crank up the FSB slightly, making everything faster. You system marches to that FSB :)
  2. OC VGA OB can be check with Brecnhmark 3Dmark06. & Sysosft Sandra !.. how much Score ..? i always check OC VGA onboard under brenchmark !
    u can test under default & OC .
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