i have a gigabyte ga-ma770-ds3 rev. 1. i wanted to know i have 4 gigs of memory nvidia sli ready is there any way to get all 4 sticks to work like a chipset upgrade or bios upgrade and actually i tried the bios and it didnt seem to help i can take the old sticks out of slots 1 and 2 and put in the new and my computer works fine but whenever you try to run all four sticks it either does not boot. now i got the memory to work 1 time but 2 days later my hard drive went bad and my computer crashed .i have an amd athlon x2 5600 2.9 gig a seagate 750 gig hard drive and a 40 gig i have a pc power and cooling 750 watt power supply and a geforce 8800 gtsc thanks for any help.
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  1. Well, what memory are you trying to use? All motherboards have a QVL (qualified vendor list), which lists what memory sticks have been tested to work properly with the mobo. Maybe you'd like to trade in your current sticks for something else on your mobo's list?
  2. You might try manually setting memory voltage and timings in BIOS to match your memory's spec. Maybe your board's auto settings aren't working well enough.

    You might also try using a slightly higher memory voltage while staying within the max allowed by your processor for memory . . . and/or slightly looser timings. Your board may need more help to use 4 sticks rather than 2.

    I don't know anything about AMD settings so i can't give specifics, but the principles here are likely same as Intel.
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