Dell Inspiron 530 - Vid Card Upgrade /w 2nd HD

Hi everyone. I've been reading up on the upgrades for video cards for the Dell Inspiron 530 system, and I finally got around to ordering the MSI R4830-T2D512 Radeon HD 4830 512MB to upgrade my original Radeon 2600 XT that came with the system. However, I'm worried that the card won't fit inside the system with a 2nd HD in place, as I haven't been able to see pictures of it. I've seen the picture of the GeForce 9600(?) in the system, but there was no 2nd HD, so I wanted to see if anyone has used the 4830 vid card while still having a 2nd HD installed. Any responses are appreciated!

Also, for further clarification, I already installed an extra Antec NeoHE 500 PSU for the comp as I read that a high wattage PSU was recommended for the vid card.

With regards to the card, the version I got has a core clock of 575MHz, but from all of the reviews of the card that I've read, though not the exact same card but an OC version, I was wondering what would be a stable overclock level to keep the card if I wanted to mildly overclock the card? I've never been too adventurous with overclocking, but the reviews kept boasting about how there was potential for a 20% gain on the card's performance from overclocking, so I wanted to get the consensus on what would be considered mild, cause I wouldn't be looking to push the card to its limits.

Haha, as I keep reading, I keep finding out more about what I should disclose to get a more detailed response. To further elaborate, I'm also running dual Samsung 22" monitors, mainly playing WoW on one and the second for website browsing, chatting, etc. Would this be a reason to not OC due to the load of having to support 2 monitors? Apologies I put all the information forward at once, but I'm ironing out the details as I go along.

//This was originally a triple post...hurray for editing! :wahoo:
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  1. I'm not sure if it will fit or not, but there are some things you can do to narrow down whether or not it will fit. Take a look at your hard drives and see if you can move them up a couple spots, to give you more space. Also take a look at the specs of the graphic card, there should be some actual dimensions(size) of the card listed, and if not search around Google and what not to see if you can find the dimensions.

    As for OC... I'm never too fond of OC anything(just the way I am). I mean... if your system is running fine the way it is, then you shouldn't risk OC your CPU and breaking your system down anyway. But... I don't know, there might be someone out there that can persuade you to do so.
  2. IS that 4830 a double heighted card? If it is then oyu out of luck, without any dremel or rotary tool work your not going to be able to fit such a card in that machine. But if its a normal video card then it should work that HD shouldn't be blocking it.
  3. Thanks a lot for the info guys.

    @Distinct - The hd's are lined up facing flat against the side of the case, so there are only 2 mounting points for the HDs, and the space on top of the optical drive isn't exactly fitted for an HD to be mounted there, so not entirely sure. I seem to have a hard time trying to find the dimensions of the actual card as I've tried several ways of searching it, but can never find the right one.

    @Axeon - I don't think the card is a double height card. I just know that for sure, it's at least 9.5inches in length since the original Radeon 2600xt that I had was that length, and this one is at least the same length if not more. It's a double slot card, so it will take up 2 of my PCI slots, but I'm just concerned about the clearance along the side of the case to the top of the mobo since the 2nd HD causes that clearance space to go down a bit near the front of the case (not sure if this description gives a good visual, but hopefully it helps). BUT, the Radeon 2600xt did fit in the case before, so I've been trying to find dimensions to see if the depth of the new card is the same as the old one.
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