4850x2 or 4890???

now cost allmost the same 260 for the 4850x2 and 240 for the 4890, but I heard that the x2 have a few problems with the drivers soo. I go for the x2 or I buy for allmost he same money a video card a lot less fast???

I have a phenom II x4 920 and aPSU coolermaster extremepower 600W
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  1. depends what games you play. some games don't like multi-gpus... make sure the games you play aren't one of them.

    to be safe, go with the 4890.
  2. I usually play cod4 and cod5, pes2009, world in conflict, crysis and gtr2. Thats game have support multigpu???
  3. yes, those games have multi gpu support.
    Most of the new games have Multi GPU support so you should see performance increase,
  4. I don't have problem with me psu? I'd have 36A v12
  5. Go 4890...and if that proves not to be enough for your tastes you can add another down the line.
  6. go 4850 x2 for the games that dont support multi gpus the 4850 will be enough and the 4850x2 could hold its own against a gtx 285 for only 260 bucks. So the 4850x2 is a easy recomendation.
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