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Hi guys,

I am planning to purchase PC or Server for my test lab. In the lab I will be building number of servers with different OS. So I am looking for some onto build a PC / SErver with max memory and Faster CPU.

Hoping someone can suggest me on a motherboard which can support high memory. Also would like to find what is the max memory I can have on this motherboard.
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  1. Presuming you would be running a 64bit OS (as 32bit only supports up to 4GB), what processor do you want to have?
    Here are a few with a little detail:
    ASUS P6T SE - 6 DIMM slots, Core i7, 24GB max RAM
    GA-EP45-UD3L - 4 DIMM slots, socket 775 (core2 duo, core2 quad etc), 16GB max RAM

    ...If you have a huge budget, you may want to look at actual server parts, as they are designed for max RAM and multi CPUs:
    TYAN S4985G3NR-SI - 4x AMD Opteron 8300/8400 CPU sockets, 128GB RAM

    Presuming however, that you want to stick with consumer level parts, I'd go for an i7 system. has "maximum RAM" under "specifications" for most boards so even if you aren't from America (I'm not), it's still a good place to get info from.

    If this doesn't help, what are some specifics about this system you want to build.
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