You recommend me ATX power supply 400 W ?

My PC is a HP Pavilion a6200t.

My PC is shipped with 250 watts standard ATX power supply. I want upgrade with power supply ATX 400 watts.

You recommend me ATX power supply 400 W ?

Best Regards,

Fernando Baez
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    or this

    both will provide smooth, stable power to your rig.....

    additionally both have enough wattage that if you decide to upgrade some components in your rig they will give you some breathing room.
  2. Corsair 400W ATX Power Supply !
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    In our business we have over 10 computers that have run "generic" power supplies for years. The name brand psu's are overrated, thus I would just go to and buy a new power supply for under $20 with free shipping.

    This power supply is 480watts with SATA power cable and PCIe cable in case you later add a nice video card...
  4. By the way, I have been using APower's 900watt power supply even on my rig at home with the specs below.
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