SLI temp hitting above 100C, Normal?


I have dual 465GTX's (1 Zotac 1 Asus Identical) ANd both have been hitting above 100C. Nvidia Claims that higher temps in these card are normal. I also have an h50, which i'm tempted to return since there is now diffrence in CPU temps. I have 2 pci coolers blazzing, and another 120mm fan in the front pushing air out. The front fan is probably being obstructed by the hdd/s. All in all, I think my case doesnt have adequate airflow, and I would like to know what I can do, any suggestions are welcome!!

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  1. What's your case ? pics worth more than 1000 words,it sounds like you have reversed airflow in the case because of H50 right ?
  2. heres my case

    im scarred no, my comp just got a BSOD, I left the side panel of the case open.

    Yes, the airflow is reversed because of the H50
  3. Yes keep it open until you get a new case(way to small),if you can.. remove HDD racks and make front fan blowing toward you GPUs (80mm fan sucking air out from GPU's will come handy)You could also install exhaust fan on top,but i would suggest new case
  4. Case airflow problem. You either need more fans or a better case, or both.
  5. 100C for SLI GTX460 it's Normal but HOT
    - u must maximal your VGA cooler 97%
    - remove 120mm fan in the front move to partside below the VGA .
    - use it for exhaust VGA, let your case in opened condition & don't close your case.
    - check temperature GPU how much temp drop.
    for your BSOD problem you can read massage in BSOD. exsample : 0x00000000000124 = vcore
  6. henydiah said:
    100C for SLI GTX460 it's Normal but HOT
    - u must maximal your VGA cooler 97%
    - remove 120mm fan in the front move to partside below the VGA .
    - use it for exhaust VGA, let your case in opened condition & don't close your case.
    - check temperature GPU how much temp drop.

    dude..there is nothing normal when your card is running 100 deg :??: ;
  7. @ OP you have to bring your temps down to around 90C
  8. Even 90C is quite hot. A good temp would be 70C to 80C.
  9. rofl_my_waffle said:
    Even 90C is quite hot. A good temp would be 70C to 80C.

    Yes but he won't get this numbers with his case
  10. Best bet would be to pull the side of the case and use a desk fan to blow air in, or mod the side panel to hold a couple of fans...maybe even the top panel to support another exhaust fan.
  11. do you think it would be smart to institute a water cooling system for all the components? If so, would a budget of $400 be enough to institute a WC system??? Or could I just include a wc system for the video cards???
  12. It's possible for either of those scenarios, but you'll still need good case airflow for the rest of the components.

    Here is a suggestion: spend $150 on a good case with great air won't need to spend $400+ on watercooling.

    You really should only go with watercooling if that was your original intent anyway, not just throwing money at a problem that can be solved by a simpler approach.

    Yes, either of those are possible, but a full CPU+SLI loop will have to be very budget friendly for ~$400. You'd likely have to use Swiftech MRC320 rads (x2), MCW80 GPU blocks + RAMsinks for the video cards and find a good deal on a pump. Reservoir is optional, but good for most people or beginners. Pump/res combo $60 CPU block, $65 (x2) $50/ea or $100 (x2) $57/ea or $114 Killcoil, $6 PTNuke, $3.25

    Tubing, RAMsinks etc., depends on tubing and RAMsink preference.

    ~$350 before tubing/RAMsinks and fans for the radiators.

    It can be done, might require a little more research for your specific setup needs.
  13. Well, i guess ill have to change my case again (4th time this yr) Ill make shure to get a bigger case, and will mostlikely buy aftermarket fans for the twin 465gtx's. My plan was to head toward water cooling, but i'm a total noob at that (hence the h50). Unless someone else can convince me otherwise, i'll just go with your advice rubix thanks!
  14. got the antec 900, seems to be the best value with mail in rebate, and lots of airflow within the system, hopefully it'll solve my problems. Anybody want my old case $30 and its yours lol.
  15. Do little research on the cases (very important) and buy something that will last you for long time
  16. The Antec 900 has good reviews, great cooling capacity, and is able to support WC for the future. Plus the 30 dollar rebate is nice.
  17. Buy a full size ATX case that has the PSU mounted on the bottom so the hot air from the PSU is shoved out through the bottom.

    Secondly, make sure you have at least two fans pushing air in and two pushing air out.
  18. ^+1 full tower,consider cable management,back access to mobo ,removable HDD racks/filters,material,etc
  19. Full towers are huge, and most, good mid-towers have these same features.

    And BTW...most cases with the PSU on the bottom actually intake air from underneath the case and exhaust out the back. Otherwise, flipping the PSU upside down kind of works against the natural tendencies of hot air (namely, from the PSU) to rise.
  20. yep mid's can have same futures ,if you flip PSU it will suck the air away from bottom GPU(bad idea)
  21. My mistake on the pump/res combo earlier; that is the res only...the pump is extra. But you could still go a similar route with the XSPC pump/res combo or an MCP655 and a micro res.

    or (no need for the 3/8 conversion...its just an extra piece of tubing and a fitting; you'd rather run 1/2" natively)

    plus res (you don't HAVE to use a reservoir, but it helps for most people and beginners)
  22. well, I cancelled all my orders, and just oredered a 120mm 5.25 fan mount that will blow into the H50, and the exsaust fan will be like normal. I'll see how that will work out.
  23. Well, after installing everything, Both of my GPU's stay below 50c when at full load!
    Thankyou guys for your suggestions!
  24. Another Question for you guys. I have just bought the XSPC Rasa 750 RS240 CPU watercooling kit from frozenCPU. For the money, and from what i've heard it's a great deal, and a great way to start wc:

    I also bought this case:

    The question I am asking is whether I should mount the radiator on the bottom to of the top of the case. How would this affect temps? Or is it even possible?

    Another question is i'm looking for a coolant. I would definitely prefer distilled water (cheaper and better), but i've read quite a few forums, suggesting different combinations of antifreeze, pt nuke, etc etc, which is kind of confusing, and would like to ask what combination people use here.

    Thanks! All suggestions are welcome!!
  25. I thought you solved your problem "Both of my GPU's stay below 50c when at full load!"
  26. yes, the fans I had bought were fried by a recent storm that passed by here (3 System Fans, and 1 vga cooler) All where connected to a fan controller, which unfortunately fried too. It also killed my PSU, but I had another one laying around, tested all my parts and all work fine. I guess I got lucky. :D Bought all my fans from a local store, asked them for replacements, they said no, i dont blame them though. So I decided to go WC this time.
  27. you just forgot one thing i mention.." remember if LC is on your mind go big or go home"

    Uploaded with

    good luck bud
  28. Distilled water, PTnuke and killcoil. If you want color or UV, just get colored or UV tubing...its easier and no need to worry. There are plenty of forums of pics people have posted that coolant has gunked up their water blocks. I avoid it and advise others to as well. Besides, as much as those things claim to cool well, they don't do better than regular water.

  29. Thanks, this is what I've been looking for! I'm going with distilled then thanks!
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