How do i install and have a master ide hdd and a slave sata hdd

Hi i am just wondering how to get my sata hdd as a slave on my system which is controlled by a ide hdd,
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  1. Because there is only one device for each SATA motherboard connector, there is no such thing as a master or slave SATA device.If you really want to use the faster SATA drive for a secondary drive and not the boot drive, jumper the the IDE drive for single drive master, plug the SATA drive in. Then use the BIOS to set the boot device to the IDE drive.
  2. ahh, i will try it.

    although i only have 1 sata drive that i am trying to plug in as storage only, the ide drive is the only drive with OS on it. I will try the boot sequence first. Any more ideas would be appreciated.

  3. Jsc is correct, no other ideas are needed.

    would highly recommend using the SATA as the primary drive. even if it requires a windows reinstall. better boot times and system performance are the minimum gains.
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