Cannot see cpu temps

i just got a combo of x6 1055t and this m/b

M4A78LT-M LE Socket AM3 AMD 780L mATX**

i was just started overclocking it and thought i check the temps with temp core and saw that this software (that i used before and still do and working ok )was showing zero (0)temps so i downloaded a a few more Everest, cpuid, hardware monitor and speedfan well they all say zero temps on them all apart from speed fan shows 1 core i got it up to 3.4 and used prime 95 just to test the temps for 10 mijns and was going to 50-52 on one core showing on speedfan(not sure if it shows the highest temp out of 6 but i dont want to go no more until i find out why other software that will work on my other 2 pc will not work on this one have i got a bad board or what ??? i need to see temps and speedfan only showing one

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  1. ok i found out i had to disable the acc and unlocker on the m.b to see the temps on the software ,but another question in bois my idle temps are 45-47c (over clock to 3.5)but in core temp and cpuid monitor it says on all cores 28-30c and about 48-50 full not sure that they are in bios when on full ,which temps should i be looking at the most the bois one or core temps ???
  2. use csoftware core temp / HW monitor Pro ! more accurate than Bios, Try to hang HSF with hand when under fullload or use digital Thermometer
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