New build wont boot up

hi there, i'm hoping someone can provide some good advice on how to fix my problem.
I have read and gone through the general advice thread.

mobo - MSI P45 NEO
Memory - 2gb Kingston DDR2
cpu - intel core 2 duo E8200 2.66ghz
graphics card - gigabyte nvidia geforce 9800
cd -drive - sata connection #2
main drive - sdd - ocr vertex 60gb sata connection #1
psu - 300watt (is that my problem?)

the above booted up once fine and ran the windows xp install, i got through the language and keyboard set up, but then took my eye off and when i came back i had a black screen.

now when i boot up, it stops in one of two places either at...
Initialising usb controller .. done.
2048mb ok
usb devices : 1 mouse
auto detecting sata2...ATAPI CDROM
auto detecting sata2..


same as abiov

sata2 details
sata1 details ... "capable and ok".

long wait
then "nvram" (i think) at the bottom of the screen which then clears and goes blank.

is it as simple as a insufficient power supply? or is there something else going on? the power supply has only a 20pin connection to the mobo.

hopefully someone out there can help.

many thanks.
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  1. Yes the psu is your problem. Get a Corair 550 or PC Power and Cooling 500. Don't go cheap on the psu, a cheap one will kill all of the rest of your parts.
  2. I would use at least a 500 Watt PS. Your GPHX card is going to want a little more power. If not that I would guess it's your MOBO
  3. just as an afterthought i decided to reboot from my windows xp system disk, and that goes straight to the blank screen as well, so apart from the stall half way through the sata check, it could be windows failing.

    anyway, off to buy a 500W+ PSU this afternoon.

    thanks for the replies
  4. Yep, inadequate PSU. Choose a QUALITY one; a cheap "580W" unit will blow chunks on loads an Antec Earthwatts 430W will handle with ease.
  5. Does the screen go blank because the PC shut off? Hope so, meaning the PSU at least had the decency to shut itself off from the overload. If not, it may have instead passed who-knows-what voltage to your system, causing the crash. Hopefully it did not do any damage. Hopefully.
  6. ok - new and shiny 500W power supply installed & rewired - cd and main drive connected, gpu connected, mobo connected 24 pin + 4pin.

    but symptoms are the same.

    if i switch the psu off and then on again, it does the full page and then blank page problem,
    if i then do a restart it hangs half way through the "auto-detecting sata1" problem.

    it feels a bit like its windows start up that is screwing up, as i cant boot up off the windows xp cd rom.

    so, any new ideas please?
  7. What is the new PSU? The other one could have done serious damage.
    Reset your CMOS using the jumper on the mobo. After that, see if you can even get into the BIOS.
  8. when i get to the
    sata2 details
    sata1 details ... "capable and ok".

    part, i do have the option to "del" to the bios and f11 to boot menu. If i select either option quickly enough then i get the bios menu.

    i'll reset the cmos tonight and then see what happens.
  9. reseting the cmos did the trick - i had to re-install windows xp over the top of the original install (but that wasnt a serious issue as i hadnt necessarily got a full install done anyway).
  10. Glad to hear it.
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