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Need some SSD advice.

I am thinking about adding a SSD as my next upgrade. My budget would be in the $250-$300 range. What is the best "bang for my buck"? I may wait for the preholiday sales and newegg is where I will order from.
Thanks for any advice.
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  1. Thanks man but I was really looking for 100GB and up.
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    120 gig vertex-2, or Gskill Pheonix pro 120 gig (They are very simular, both use the new SF-1200 Controller. Both are Sata II

    Then there is theCrucial RealSSD C300 128 gig for $269 which is a SATA III drive. Which means you need SATA III port either onboard, or a PCI-e card.
    Currently this is the only SATA @ newegg. More should be coming, and yes wait for the holiday sales.
  3. My hardware is too old to be concerned with SATA 3 and I have about talked myself into the GSkill 120GB drive after reading alot of reviews.
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  5. Word of caution, make sure you use the latest intel RST driver (version 9) in ahci mode. If you use the default uSoft AHCI drivers, while still good, you will not get the full potential of the drive.

    I got the Gskill and imaged my intel SSD over to it - mistake, should have done a new install. Live and learn. Still have not done the new install yet. Not sure, but I think that also applies to the Vertex-2s
  6. I will do a fresh install for sure.
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