I7 920 Unlocked Multiplier?

Last thing I knew the Unlocked Multiplier feature was reserved solely for the Core i7 965 XE and 975 XE. However, Anandtech and Wikipedia both say that every i7 processor, including the 920, features an unlocked multiplier. Is this true, or is it reserved only for the Extreme Editions like I originally thought?
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  1. The bclk multiplier is unlocked on all i7s. The CPU multiplier is only unlocked on Extreme versions.
  2. The memory multiplier is unlocked, allowing the use of memory faster than DDR3-1066 on all models. The main CPU core multiplier is still locked though.
  3. is there anyway to manually unlock all the multipliers ? or is it intel controlled ?
  4. Nope. No need to though - just overclock via bclk settings.
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