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I'm building a computer but im very confused about whats the best motherboard for the system. Advice would be very much appriciated.

I'm looking for a MB with these features:
*Intel CPU socket 775 (for dual core cpu)
*1x PCI-e 2.0
*2x PCI
*1x IDE connection
*2x DDR2 or DDR3
*very good quality components (like japanese transistors and solid state capacitors)
*energy saving features
*pretty =P
(no SLI / Crossfire needed)

the computer is meant for:
*Windows XP 32bit
*seeing lots of videos
*recording digital TV
*play games(the most demanding beeing World of Warcraft, so no big performance required)

My main doubt is about the onboard graphics. Are they much worst than a actual graphic card? I know the onboard chips are good enough for my needs (GeForce 9300 or Intel GMA x4500HD) but someone told that they suck without the actual graphic card.
So are thay good enough?
And if I want to buy a graphic card is it best to have a motherbord with or without the onboard graphics? Because if there's no diference I rather buy one with onboard graphics.

im leaning towards Gigabyte GA-EG45M-UD2H or GA-E7AUM-DS2H, but I think the 1st is better because IntelGMA X4500HD has 800Mhz core speed and GeForce has only 550Mhz

the possibilities ive considered are:
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3 - 100€
Gigabyte GA-EQ45M-S2 - 110€ (onboard IntelGMA X4500HD,Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced, NO Ultra Durable, NO HDMI)
Zotac GF9300-A-E - 100$ (onboard Geforce 9300 but ugly)
Intel DP35DP - 115$
Gigabyte GA-EG45M-UD2H - 120€ (onboard IntelGMA X4500HD,Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced, Ultra Durable 3)
Gigabyte GA-E7AUM-DS2H - 120$ (onboard Geforce 9400,Ultra Durable 2,Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced)
EVGA nForce 730i - 120$ (onboard Geforce 9300 but no HDMI)
EVGA nForce 750i SLI - 130$
I havnt seen any asus boards yet

Thx in advance
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  1. ^ Even I wouldnt suggest the onboard graphics that you have listed, even for light gaming...
    If it would have been an AMD PC, then the onboard graphics that come with some boards are good enough for light gaming unlike these intel GMAs...But maybe the nvidia might be able to offer better performance than that intel GMA...

    The best option for you would be...
    Get a cheaper board like the Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L, which has the required features that you are looking for and invest in a cheap, decent graphics card - HD 4670, 9600GSO with 512 DDR3...
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