MAX Ghz for Core 2 Quad Q6600?

can someone please tell me what is maxium overclock Ghz for Core 2Quad Q6600 cpu? thank you for your help :D
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  1. until maximum ! depend on system Spect & Budget
    world record 5.1Ghz
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  2. That all depends on your cooling system for your CPU and the motherboard you're using. I got mine to 3.6 with no issues at all but i have known others not to be so lucky...
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  3. Not only what has been mentioned above, but not all processors are made exactly the same, and don't overclock to the same levels.

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  4. i'm using dell XPS630 OC q6600 @ 3.4Ghz / fsb 1520Mhz on Air (maximum cpu core temp @ 61 celsius using real temp 3.60 program after 2-3hrs blackops playtime) and OC @ 3.6Ghz/1600(max. core temp @ 66 celsius).wonder if i use liquid cooling system can i get more speed and lower core temp?
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  5. What is your Vcore setting when you're clocked in @ 3.4 & 3.6? or rather, what is the difference between them?
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  6. A. everyday use= core 3.4Ghz / fsb 1520Mhz / core volt 1.40v B. game time=core 3.6Ghz / fsb 1600Mhz / core volt 1.45v (can't tell the difference between 2 settings during game lol)
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  7. that's about as far as you'll get the Vcore before you start to experience instability. I had mine @ 3.6 with a 1.37 Vcore and then the jump to 3.8 made me use a 1.41 Vcore. I tried 4.0 but had to go just over 1.46 Vcore and saw slight signs of instability and had to back it down. What i did notice (which is what you noticed) is that there's not much advantage past 3.4, in fact, 3.2 was almost the same as 3.6 on my setup...
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  8. what's your maximum cpu core temp @ 3.6 Ghz (under heavy load or game play)? mine @ 65-67 Celsius( reading form Real Temp 3.60). if this is too high do you think i should upgrade my air cooling system to liquid cooling. thanks for your help!
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  9. Actually, 65 - 67 is just on the border of being too high but you should be ok. I was @ 61c under full load, sometimes 63c and i kept it that way 24 x 7 for a couple years @ 3.8 to 3.6
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  10. A Q6600 should be able to run at 3.0 GHz on the stock cooler with little or no increase in vcore. A halfway decent Q6600 should be able to reach 3.3 - 3.4 GHz. Quite a few will run at 3.6 GHz with good cooling in a good case with stability.

    I have seen a few claims of 3.8 - 4.0 GHz but never with screen shots of Prime95 running with CPU-Z.
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  11. yep many OCER did it :non:
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  12. I may have a screenshot of just that jsc, let me go digging for it... though if i don't, i'll not be able to reproduce it again, have a new system now.
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  13. UPDATE!! with extra cpu fan my OC'd q6600 @ 3.6Ghz / fsb 1600Mhz on Air (Maximum cpu core temp @ 57 celsius reading form real temp3.60 & after 2-3hrs blackops playtime max. core temp @ 60 celsius)
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  14. Not bad at all, that is a good overclock and if i were you i wouldn't try to go any higher as the risk to reward is more in favor of risk...
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  15. You have a good chip Jon, 3.6 with 1.37v is low. How did you test for stability and for how long?
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  16. Forget which one, it was either Orthos or Prime (whichever stresses quads as the other only stresses dual core) But, i tested for just over 22 hours. Temps peaked @ about 68 testing but that's normal, i never hit that in RL apps/games...
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  17. Yeah, mine will boot at 3.8 GHz but it's just not stable. Mine is stable (24 hour Prime95) at 1.425 volts. Core temps hit 61 - 66 C.

    If you can run at 3.6 GHz with only 1.37 volts on the CPU, you have indeed won the CPU lottery. :)
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  18. I did indeed hit the CPU lottery for that one. Bought the CPU from craigslist for $50.00, ended up selling the Motherboard/CPU/RAM combo for $300.00
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  19. Huh, i only managed to get it upto 3.42GHz on 1.36v. I hit a dead end after that. Freezing during boot or blue screen auto restart. May just be my crap Nvidia 780i mobo. But from what i have noticed, 3.2ghz to 3.4ghz doesnt seem to give you much of a boost. in fact, i noticed i had a drop in frame rates of about 2-5 in some games. and im running a overclocked gtx 285 so i have no idea whats going on there
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  20. *sighs*
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  21. The highest q6600 overclock i have seen was 4.9ghz. However you need a golden CPU and the best of the best motherboard and ram to get any where near that
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  22. Why do you not read the thread date!!! :/
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  23. people may still read this thread at some point. so not only does it help the OP but also everyone else who is looking for the same answer. It saves threads being posted all the time. You are an expert on this site i see, so you should understand what i am talking about
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  24. I have q6600 and I just cant go above 3.6GHz. I am on Windows 8 x64 Pro...mine is G0 (have 400W and p5k-pro(8 phase) evo212) - I think PSU is reason for my issue, because heat is not a problem
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  25. I cannot overclock my g0 q6600 to 3ghz ahh:(
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  26. Matoo69 said:
    I cannot overclock my g0 q6600 to 3ghz ahh:(
    - Dear all, i´m here on my work reading your suffering with this complex and wonderful world of overclocking.... After a 6 months of try, and failure, i finally discorver a fine tune of overclocking on my q6600 2.66ghz.

    I´m using these configurations, on a gigabyte motherboard 1200+ ga-ep43-ds3l.

    multiplier: 8x
    fsb: 419
    Vcore: 1.3750
    max vcore: 1.4000

    dram clock: XXXD = 400mhz
    dram vcore: [auto]

    Total CPU frequnecy: 3356mhz

    If you try to overclock, check the ram clock too, cause, my overclocks fails cause, i never check this tiny detail, and my windows crash, or the boot enters on a loop. When i check the ram clock, to work on the stable frequency, the crashes is no more.

    By the way, this configuration is for this motherboard, and could no be able to work on every setup. but i won 700mhz of clock, and a stable cpu to play on 100% without a crash, and no BSOD of windows.

    testing a stress on CPU-Z, my single core bench goes from 907 points to 1152 points, and 2202 to 3102 on 4 cores bench.

    on games, i saw a little improve of FPS on mortal kombat 9 from 24fps to 60fps stable, even on scenarios like the acid pool, or the bridge of doom. In stock clock, is common i play on 60fps but on slow-mo. and after this OC, this is rare.

    on civilization V, when it works, the fps is above 60fps, even on late game.

    On CoD Infinity warfare, the slow-mo and fps drop below 24fps is rare, even on stages of lots of NPC.

    But nothing is perfect, and even not everything are only flowers. On fallout 4, the performance still craps. in some stages the fps dropping below 14fps. even with a gtx 950 OC.

    AND THE MOST IMPORTANT, i´m using a cooler master air flow heatsink, and on 100% after 6 hours of gaming, my top temperature are 85°c (~185°f)..... If you are using a stock cooler of intel, i recommend to you NOT DO SUCH OVERCLOCK, cause, your stock cooler will not handle this OC and your may lost your CPU....
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