Need Heatsink.

I have around 40-50 dollars to spend on a decent cpu heatsink. does anybody have any suggestions? I have an AMD 6000+. Core 0 idles at 50C while Core 1 Idles at 45C. Im guessing that those temps might be on the warm side. Ive re-applied arctic silver 5 and checked for lint. My guess is that my room temps are too high.

here go the specs.
NZXT alpha classic series x2 120mm fans.
AMD 6000+ 3.1GHZ
8800GT PNY
850 OCZ gamexstream (overkill)
2GB Kingston

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  1. has a kingwin KA-9226 copper heatsink with 4 heatpipes for $18.99 plus shipping in the "bargain basement" section. It should work fine; has adapters for both amd and Intel and comes with 92mm fan. If you want the best, alot of folks use Scythe brand heatsinks. Newegg may have one in the open box section.
  2. And if you are having problems finding xaira's recommendation,,I am running an Arctic Cooler Pro64 on my AMD 7850be,and the temps never go above 35c..:)
  3. Scythe Mugen II, Xigmatek S1283.
  4. thanks! these are all very good. i am amazed that these are under my budget. they seem like very good heatsinks. there is a 120mm fan on the back so fitting a heatsink of that size shouldn't be a problem.
  5. Xigmatek S1283V. Comes with AMD brackets a S775 and i7 backing plate. About $40.

    Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro (not sure which model is for the AMD CPU). Great economy cooler - about $20 - $25.
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