OC: Sabertooth X58 + i7 920 D0

Hello Guys. I am trying to overclock to achieves the best voltage and BCLK ratio.

my current settings are

Ai Overclock Tuner: XML
CoreRatio: 21
BCLK: 180
VCore: 1.275
DRAM V: 1.5
Auto for the rest
Temp Stable @ 70~75

Prime95: Stable for 12 hours so far!


1) on CPU-Z(Memory) my DRAM Freq shows 540 mhz, how do I push it up to 800mhz? Every time I manually set DRAM Freq, it will cause BSOD.

2) at CoreV: 1.25 I manage to get 21multipier x 175 BCLK, is there anyway to push to BCLK higher without increase the VCore?

System Spec:
i7 920 D0
Asus Sabertooth X58
GSKILL DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) F3-12800CL7-2GBPI
Intel X-25M 120GB
Palit GTS 460 Sonic 2 GB
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  1. Hello, lucky.

    You have the famous i7 920...a great overclocker.

    Here are the steps to overclock the unit:

    1) Set the vCore to standard.

    2) Increase the Multi by 10x every time you POST after change.

    3) every 10x, increase Vcore by 1 incriment.

    4) Set DRAM to about 1.6,( or whatever the OEM required to set.)

    5) monitor temps with CPU-Z

    6) If you get a BSOD, enter BIOS and check the Timing. It should be about 7-7-7-21, 8-8-8-23, or 9-9-9-24.

    7)Increase voltage V Core and DRAM 1 Increment at a time when increasing multi.

    Now, to answer your questions:

    1) You can increase your Frequency by increasing your DRAM voltage. make sure you have a 'stable' timing,( no random #'s)

    2) You could but, you run into instability and may result in a BSOD.
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