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Well, we all know that certain graphics cards do different things better. For instance, one card can beat another with no AA, but the other card makes a come-back with 16x AA. That's exactly why i made this thread. I thought it would be useful to mention things to set for the game to get the best performance and post info about our cards. I'll go first.

nVidia GeForce 9400GT ~~~EVGA 1gb vram
-low stream processors (16) avoid any sort of lighting and shadows.
-doesnt do anti aliasing well, avoid going over 2/4 times
-works well with high polygon count and high quality textures due to decently fast core clock
-try not to surpass resolutions of 1280x1024 for new games where you crank up the things above

also 1 quick question, what are certain things we need to avoid if u have slow vRam?
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  1. Nice idea but way to complicated to actually do.
    There are lots of differant issues that can contribute to what performance an individual actually gets. You need to factor in teh CPU obviously and the screen size/resolution will play a part also. Then you have system Ram and which OS they are using.
    To just say that X card is no good for high resolutions and avoid AA is fine for a ballpark idea but thats nothing you cant find out online at one of the many various review sites.
    As an example i used to run a X1650XT graphics card, now the way i set it up it played Oblivion really well and at high quality settings. Newer games came along that it just couldnt handle though, Assasins creed was the first to make it screem. I upgraded to a 3850 which played A/C but was no improvement on the X1650XT in Oblivion, in fact the quality side of things was worse. After that i started playing GRID that did play on the X1650XT but at lower quality settings than the 3850. So it really is way to complicated im afraid.

  2. Your right MAC. ( damn he is alwais ! ;) )

    I just upgraded to a GTX285 ( was using SLI 9800GTX+ but GTA4 dont support SLI )to be able to play GTA4 on HIGH texture and more View distance. I didnt tryed my other games yet, i received the card yesterday ... but GTA4 is WOW awesome now !

    Ill try other games soon, I have a P5Q FSB1600 incoming in order to OC a lil further my E6850.

    Ill leave you some feedback about my performance VS my SLI. COD4 and WAW was awesome with the SLI.
  3. right well i was going for the "ballpark" ideas. I want to help people stepping into pc gaming because a lot of people dont know how to set stuff up and that keeps people away from pc gaming, which i dont like. I mean, even though I know a lot about PC's i was lowering textures for effects that i couldnt possibly have running with my 16 stream processors. i wanna avoid those situations
  4. uncfan, you have a good idea but this thread will be seen by the wrong audience, I believe. You're aiming at the gaming noob, while the experienced PC gamers will be the majority of those reading the thread. Even if you got it all right and they made a sticky out of it, the noobs won't read the stickys.

    Good idea though.

    Turn all the settings up to max, you sure as heck paid to do so.
  5. you may be right, however, forums do come up on google
  6. True that.
  7. Yes it is. But still.... halcyon score a big point.
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