Antec TP-750 and EA-750

Beside the difference in the price, is there any difference between this two power supplies the antec true power new 750 and antec earthwatts 750, all specs seem the same, it will be any performance difference??? I am planning to put it on this build:

i7 920
6 GB DDR3 1600 balistix memory
MSI SLI platinum X58 Board
Antec ninehundred case
2X4770 ati radeon in CF or 2x4850 1gb in CF (also wich of this two will you say is the best config)
Thermalright true black with 2x120mm fan (i don`t know wich ones yet)
3X1TB SATA hard drive
1X400GB SATA hard drive
1X128GB Samsun SSD drive
2xDVD burner

By the way I looking to do some overclocking

Thanks for your help.
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  1. EA750 is 80 plus certified and TP750 is 80 plus bronze certified beside that they are pretty much same psu.

    I could go with one 4890 and add another one when you need more graphic power.

    EA750 & TP750 would support 2 x 4980.
  2. They are both good but if the price difference is not that extreme I would go with the true power new.
  3. Difference between the price is 20 bucks
  4. I would recommend the Corsair HX750 instead, better quality, longer warranty and 80Plus Gold certified.
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