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I previously used an ASUS P5N-E SLI motherboard. The USB stopped working, and I sent it in for RMA, but when they sent it back, rather than just the USB not working, I can't get any video output out of it at all. I don't want to try my hand at the RMA process again (it was $20 to ship it the first time, it'll be $20 again, so before long, it just makes more sense to buy a new one), but it seems ASUS has stopped making the P5N-E SLI mobos.

I'm not very familiar with the Mobo buying process, as I had a techie friend help me buy the first time, so I'm going to post what components I have, and hopefully some of you smarter people can point me in the direction of any number of mobos that might work for my system.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad LGA Socket 775
Memory: Patriot DDR2 800 MHz 4x 1 GB modules
GFX: ATI Radeon 3870
PSU: Thermaltake 500 W

Is there any more important information needed in regards to buying a new Mobo? I'm not looking for any specific, although cheaper is better (as long as it can handle the components). Aside from all that stuff, I just have a HD and a DVD-RW drive, so I'm assuming those can work with pretty much every mobo. Onboard video out would be nice, considering the problems with my RMA experience with ASUS, but is not necessarily if it's a bank-breaker.

Thanks in advance.
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