Flash drive will not work in car after format to fat32


I bought a new 16gig SanDisk flash drive. I formatted it to FAT32 to work in my car. When I plug it in it doesn't work, says "error".
I have two other flash drives that work fine in the car but this one will not work.
Any suggestions? The options I have for format are exFAT, NSTF and FAT32.

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  1. What is the equipment in your car that you're trying to use it with? Is it a USB or an SD card? If the equipment is older it may not work with such a large drive.
  2. sminlal - Sorry, it is USB. The USB port in the car is in a 2009 civic. Two other usb drives work great, not sure why I can't get this one to work.
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    Have you checked the manual for the device that has the USB port in your car? It's still possible it has a maximum size limitation.

    I assume that the two other drives that work are also formatted as FAT32? What size are they?
  4. I think that sminlal is thinking the same as me, that is that your device can't read a high capacity usb drive.
  5. Sorry I forgot about this post till now.

    Yes, sminlal is probably right, that makes sense. I will check that. 8 gig for both of the ones that work formatted to FAT32 and this new one is 16 gig same format so 8gig might be the max that I can use.

    Thank you both for the responses.
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  7. try changing the allocation/transfer rate. computers can transfer data much faster than a deck in a vehicle. a car audio deck is usually good up to a few hundred kb, the setting on your new flash drive is probably defaulted in the thoudands.
  8. I have a problem with my stereo recognising my flash drive. I used to use a 1TB hard drive plugged into the usb of my car dash, not the stereo its self (build into the car) and it worked perfect but it was too bulky and had to use a usb cable. I bought a flash drive thinking it would solve this problem, but its not recognising my 64GB flash??? What do I do?!
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