Sound card thats shiny :D

I've seen a couple of vids on youtube of peoples builds, very shiny :P, where can i get a sound card that reacts with the music thats playing and such, i've seen it mentioned in the information on youtube vids but i forgot the video i was watching x.x
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  1. i don't think i've ever seen a sound card with lights, though there are many sources for sound reactive lights. If looking for a sound card the asus xonar d1 is an awesome sounding card for under a hundred
  2. caution, they can be really sensitive. I played with one once and a simple clap made it light all the way up. Fan noise may even make it light up.
  3. oh yeah, i forgot about fan noise, hehe, meh, screw it then :P

    *off topic* what about memory fans, i've seen memory cards with fans and they had nice blue LED lights, dunno why im going so far to make it shiny like a jelly fish, i think i just want it to blind people at night
  4. The ram with leds looks nice the fans as just pointless in my opinion
  5. i do agree, fans are pointless since they dont heat up at all, but where do you get the LED's from?
  6. Crucial Ballistix Tracer has leds there are more if you look around though
  7. oh, i thought they were like add-ons, like the fans

    i'd want to get a good mem card, the only reason i mentioned fans is because the guy added the fans on the mem cards and put LED's on the fan
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