3 rad loop pump

Wondering whether this pump:

will be able to easily handle a loop with cpu and single gpu inclusing 2x 120mm rads and a 240mm rad, all 3 are dual pass ( , )

pump specs say 750 lph, not sure how to even estimate whether that is good enough for this loop, want it to easily handle it in hopes of it lasting awhile.

Also given all blocks, fittings, and rads are copper/brass will it be ok to use Distilled Water and a silver coil? or would it be prudent to add some type of anti-corrosion? hoping the loop will end up low maintenance, thanks for help in advance!
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    Yes you be fine with that pump it's more than you will need,yes to dist. water+ silver coil and no to anti-corrosion agent

    just because your pump is rated at 750 LPH free flow, you will not see anywhere near that kind of flow once the pump is placed into a real system it's little bit more to it than that
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  3. awesome links thx a ton!
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