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L2TP Proxy?

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July 21, 2009 2:10:29 PM


I'd like to bypass the IP filters for Xbox Live so I can download American games to my American Xbox 360 (I'm US Air Force stationed in Okinawa).

I found a company that offered an L2TP VPN service but I had the following conversation with their rep via email:

Dear xxx,

No, Your router can not config as a vpn client.
PPTP and L2TP is your "Internet Connection Type", Yes, you can set your vpn account information in your router, but you can not connect to our vpn server on the router, because the router without an exist internet connection.

Best regards,
From: xxx
Time: 2009-07-21 21:45:17
To: sales
Subject: Re: Connect via L2TP with router?
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Also, my router's firmware can be viewed online at the router's site, if that helps.

On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 10:40 PM, sales <> wrote:
Dear xxx,

I don't think you can config it on your router, because vpn connection based on local internet connection, if you config vpn connection on your router, where you can set your local internet connection.

From: xxx
Time: 2009-07-21 21:37:36
To: sales
Subject: Connect via L2TP with router?
Can I use your service to connect via my router? I have attached a picture of my router's L2TP settings page.




If I'm understanding this guy right, he's saying that the option on my router (pictured below) only configures local internet and that entering any other information here would give me no internet because my local internet would be bound to an address out in the ether. But if that's the case, then how would this option do anyone any good at all?

Or am I missing the point entirely? If I'm not missing the point, does anyone know of any companies that sell VPN proxy servers that might work with this router option?

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August 7, 2009 8:07:03 AM

Just get a pre-configured Persona VPN Appliance. It's plug and play and solves the problem.