Lite-On IHAS424-98 Freezing at Startup


Not sure if this is a dvd drive problem or a motherboard problem. I have a Liton ihas424-98 dvd drive I just purchased. I've installed it to my Biostar NF325-a7 board on one of the onboard SATA connectors. When I boot the PC, it freezes immediately after detecting the drive. When I use an external connector via USB, it detects the drive just fine and I'm able to use it, so I don't think the drive is bad. What do you guys think the problem might be? I've updated my bios on the board to the latest version on Biostar's website with no change.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Is there an update for the SATA controllers on the website as well? Any other updates for the board?
  2. Try a different SATA cable and/or SATA port.

    Do you have any other SATA hardware installed?
  3. I have tried other cables and ports and removing everything but the drive and it still freezes there. The drive works fine in another machine.
  4. Just encountered the same problem attempting to install LITEON iHAS424 into my DFI LANPARTY 875 to replace a loud PATA DVD Drive.

    In my case, I had removed the Loud PATA DVD Drive and PATA ribbons (as this was the last PATA device in my machine.)

    By plugging the loud PATA DVD back in, thus having at least one PATA device, the startup no longer froze
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