Best "Silent" PC Case to Get.

Hello all. I'm looking to build a new computer and I'm looking to get a Silent PC case. My current case and power supply is like a jet engine, so I'm looking to really get something that is as silent as possible without going the water cooling route.

So far I've been looking as these guys, but each seem to have a few issues.

Nexus Caterpillar


Coolmaster Sileo 500

I'm likely going to be pairing the case with the following cpu/gpu combo.

Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale 3.16GHz

GeForce 9800 GTX

Is that going to be too much heat for a sound proofed silent case you think? Additionally, what are your thoughts are on those cases, and more specifically, do you have any other suggestions on a quality reasonably priced sound proofed silent case that is better than those two?

Any suggestions are much appreciated.
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  1. Looking at the reviews for those two cases, scratch the Nexus Caterpillar - no one who actually meausres sound seems to have reviewed it.

    SilentPC did a review on the Sileo, and said it was good "but not as good as the Antec P150" reviewed 4 years ago. That case is not available, but the info suggests you might look at the Antec Performance line ( ) as an alternative to the Sileo.

    Personally, I've found Lian-Li cases pretty quiet overall, and that I don't care as much about the noise hard gaming will generate. Sometimes the best compromise between "cool" and "quiet" is a case that delivers quiet when not gaming, and cooling whenever gaming.
  2. Both are good ones but not so big and roomy.
    You can also buy a CM-690 case and install BIG 12cm fans with low rpm as the main reason for noise is the poor quality case fans.

    ANd you may also opt for a fan less PSU.
  3. antec performance line
  4. yep, ive been nothing but impressed with my antec p180 - decent generally in terms of noise and the supplied tricool fans are very very quiet - bonus is newer verisons have improved cable management and layout as well
  5. Antec p180 and the new ones can be considered silent with fans at low speed.
    They also use rubber for installing the hard drives, so if you have the standard ones, you wont hear them either.
    If you get one of them you only have to worry about the other components not to be noisy.
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