No Signal to monitor when pc boots up

Hey everyone this is my first post on these forums, I joined them because I am having a major problem. So I wll go ahead and start with the details. One day I decided that I wanted to upgrade ram, and I did. Put both of the new sticks in my system and it worked fine for a few days then all of a sudden it started shutting itself off. I would boot back up and mess around on it for an hour or so and it would shut back off. It did this eventually until I went to start my pc back up and everything booted up just fine just nothing appeared on the monitor. So the first thing I thought was hey my video card burnt out. So I bought a new video card. Went from a 8600gt to a 9600gt. Plugged in my new video card and voila same thing was happening. So I thought maybe it was the ram, I took out my new sticks and put back in my old ones (that never gave me a problem) and same thing happened. So now Im starting to get pissed so I thing you know maybe its my mother board, went out and bought a new mobo. Put everything together when I got home everything booted up quite nicely. No error codes what so ever and guess what still no signal to my monitor. So this is when I finally decided to test the monitor itself and it works out fine on my laptop. So I have two motherboards, two video cards and two different sets of ram and im beginning to think that either of them is the culprit to my problems. Next thing I checked out was my drives. Plugged my hd and cd-drive in one at a time and still no success. Tried to boot without either of them being plugged in, no success. I am literally stuck at this moment, and have no idea what in the world is going on. Does anyone have any clues?

Old System New System
2.2 dual core cpu Same CPU
2 gigs of crucial ram 4 gigs of ocz sli ram
8600gt 9600 gt
500 power supply 750 watt power supply
80 gig sata hd Same HD
mobo-p5n-e sli mobo-P5N-D

Forgot to mention that I also bought a new power supply, both of them run great as I have tested them on my friends pc's.
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  1. Clear the bios.
    Check for overheating, CPU + video card.
  2. I would focus on the RAM first. It sounds like maybe your new RAM is dead. Sometimes you need to clear the CMOS when you install new RAM. If clearing the CMOS doesn't work, I would go through this checklist:
  3. Tried both, no overheating ram is fine. Reset cmos on both boards. The only thing else that I can possible think of is that my case is shorting out my mobo. Could this actually be possible? or is that just something that is not really relevant? To be honest, I don't know what else could actually be wrong. This is like the wierdest thing ever haha.
  4. Try to make sure the screws for your motherboard are not overtightened, why you do this make sure that you take the battery out for the cmos and do the jumper trick. look in your manual for instructions.

    Do you have the speaker on your motherboard? do you hear any beeps?
  5. yeah I do, no beeps coming from the new motherboard. The brass connectors are all beat up on and thats what I use to mount my motherboard on. Some of the connectors themselves are stripped out and very hard to do anything with. I went ahead and ordered me a new case too actually. If all that doesnt work then Im just going to return everything and get a barebones kit lol.
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