Computer is OFF but USB devices stay ON! G31m-Es2l

Hi all,

I recently purchased a gigabyte g31m-es2l and it seems to be working fine. After putting in the CPU, memory, others, the first thing I noticed is that when I plugged in my external hard drive - 2.5" - USB powered (installing Windows 7 FROM a USB), it turned ON! I haven't even touched the power button. Ok, I just thought that maybe it is something else. So I went on, installed Windows 7 and it worked flawlessly.

Now, after installing Windows 7 and the drivers, I tried it again. Clicked Start > Shutdown ... shutting down .. everything turned off except the External hard drive. Now, it caught my attention. Power supply fan is not spinning but USB devices are still on.

I pulled out my other USB devices (usb powered devies) - a wireless USB - and it turned ON again! I then plugged my ipod, and it said Charging!

Now, I'm conviced that there is something wrong:

Troubleshooting done:

0. The bios was already updated to F9c and tried using other bios. Tried F5, F6, F7, F8, F3 but all are the same.

1. Turned off the system, Unplugged everything except CPU and power supply (power cord connected) - then plugged in my USB devices and it turned on.

2. I tried checking the BIOS and disabled any USB related features. I even disabled Wake up on LAN and other stuff. - still the same

The weird thing is I have a USB mouse and keyboard. Those devices turn off after shutdown. I tried replugging it and it doesn't turn on. Just other devices.

I don't have a spare power supply to use. Could it be the motherboard? How come that the USB keyboard and mouse doesn't have this problem? Do you think that it is faulty? I hate to RMA the thing. Just got it today! I never had any problems with Gigabyte motherboards.

Any troubleshooting step will greatly be appreciated.

Thank you.

EDIT: Just to be clear, even when the system is already off (as long as the power cord is plugged to the outlet) as soon as I plug a USB device (except KB/Mouse) it turns on.
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  1. It is normal for the USB devices to be left on when shutting down the computer, so that the computer can be turned on by a USB device as well as USB devices still getting power (for example battery chargers etc). The reason why the mouse or keyboard doesn’t turn on the computer is because you probably have USB legacy devices option disabled in the BIOS. Most BIOS’s have a setting in the power options in the BIOS to stop it powering up on USB event.
  2. Take a look at this thread:
    - there are a number of s'ware options that address this, but, unsuccessfully so far - I've seen an 'ultimate' article on getting sleep to work right, and I assume it would also work for 'off', but I can't seem to 're-acquire' it! I thought it was a tutorial on HackMC7 for HTPCs, but I've searched and searched - can't seem to find it! I'm still looking, however; have a couple HTPCs 'on the docket' and will need to know when I do 'em. Mainly, they await these folks' product release:
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