CPU overclock and temperature question

core #2 45c ~ 55c

core #1 45c ~ 55c

CPU: 35 ~ 45c which of those temperature readings should i follow?

how much more clockspeed DO YOU THINK i can accomplish?

rocketfish universal cpu cooler rf-upcuwr
i added a second fan to it BTW!


core 2 duo E7200 @ 3.17 GHz
550 watt ULTRA PSU
4GB of RAM
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  1. untill ,
    core clock with max 70C maybe can get 3.32Ghz
    because your idle time 45~50 if fullload test stress how much..?
  2. at stress core #2 reaches 61c and core #1 54c
  3. it problem with cooler ,
    temperature depend on cooler u have , if stock cooler cannot get maximum OC!
    - check installation HSF . is thermal paste Dry ?
    - check air Flow , add Fan for Exhaust
  4. im not using the stock cooler lol

    im using: rocketfish universal cpu cooler rf-upcuwr (i added another 80mm fan to it! :D )

    it is locked perfectly in place and the paste is good!

    just curious, what happens when the paste gets dry?

    i overclocked it a little bit more, i am @ 3.32 GHz right now and im still in the same temperatures :sarcastic:
  5. if not increase Vcore your temp still same ! when up increase vcore ... that u can look temp up ..!
  6. im leaving my vcore is 1.5v is that good?
  7. too high for Vcore .... that's not good for along time !
    u can check this : http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=187286&page=2
    this :
    CPU frequency: 3.5GHz, Multiplier:9.5, FSB:369, Rated FSB:1476 vcore: 1.35625V
    try this & test stress !
  8. im currently running @ 3.56 GHz damn! i think maybe thats why it is too hot! im going to lower it a little and see what happens :D

    right now im @ 1500 FSB and 1.456 vcore, what does it mean when prime95 says fatal error in one of the cores?
  9. lok vcore ! 1.356 LOL 1.456 too high !
    don't forget VDIM too / end Set timming !
  10. WTF? im trying to do the stress test but it says this and the benchmark stops

    FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.4999969023, expected less than 0.4
    Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.
    FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4
    Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.

    hardware failure detected, test stopped!

    what does that mean? do i lower the vcore even more or thats a failed overclock?
  11. yeach almost damage! you too long set vcore 1.5 , it's risk Overclock! foul
    u must set this from first !
    Go default with clear Cmos , unisntall Software make Overclock CPu & GPU !
    test all harware with strees test under default!
    if all clear not problem OC again Step by step ! don't increase Vcore & Vdim if OC stable ! alwayts keep temperature under 70-74C
  12. im setting it to 1.3 (try), on my bios instead of saying 1.2 or 1.3 and so on it just says 0.2000 0.2250 and so on its pretty dificult

    do you think if i set it to 1.3 and go straight up to the frequency i was would it be stable or do i have to go little by little?

    my cpu never went over 66c
  13. step by step is MOTO OC ! increase test stable & increase again tes again
    until maximum !
  14. damn i just came back from 3 bluescreens lol. im now running it at stock speeds ill try to overclock it little by little. whats the timing thing? (im not planning on overclocking my RAM because its mixed)
  15. given the data u provided, i would recommend reseting your BIOS back to default and starting all over again with a stress test at default settings to see if u didnt damage your CPU.

    If the stress test ends without any problems or noted errors then your CPU should still be intact.

    At this point it is safe (should be at least) to start OCing again.

    Start by raising the settings but dont touch the CPU voltage.

    Try to raise your frequency as high as possible (and stress test for stability ofc) but without raising the CPU voltage and see how high u manage to take it.

    Raising the CPU voltage is a must when overclocking but it dosnt mean u cant get away without touching it.

    Most overclockers try to keep the Vcore (CPU voltage) as low as possible and only raise it if they need to.

    It is important to decide where u want to stop with the OC, cause if u plan on getting to frequencies as high as 4ghz, for example, u will need to adjust the Vcore for sure but if u can live with a mild OC (300 to 500mhz more) then its very likely u wont need to raise the Vcore or the amount by which u will raise it will be very small (0.02v increase for example).

    I hope u didnt damage your CPU and u will be able to get a decent enough OC out of it without any problems.

    GL and let us know how it all turned out.
  16. thank you for all that useful information, my goal is 3.5 GHz, by how much time do you think i have to run the stress test on default settings?
  17. Take it slow.. don't hush-hush in overclocking. you may need a full week to find the highest and stable overclock speed. sharr sugestion is good, try it. remember that increasing Vcore has negatif side on heat, power consumption and lower power consumption-performance ratio.
    Even with my x3-720 runing at 3.65, i only set the vcore at 1.360, using Hyper212+ with 2 fan, i think i've managed to set a good balanced power consumption-performance ratio.
  18. reset the BIOS to its default and boot to windows. start HWmonitor (and another temp measuring program, realtemp or coretemp or everest, whatever u like/find to make sure the temps are accurate) and CPUz.

    Start the stress test and monitor the temps and the Vcore for at least an hour and see what happends. Watch out for high temps and for irregular/too high/too low voltages on the CPU.

    After the test has run through, u can then resume the overclocking.

  19. START OVER!!!! jump your MB back to stock and start fresh....

    im OC right now too but i got a i5 and my vcore is set to 1.1750v
    take off auto for Dram and set that bad boy to top specs.... then lower it later when finding that sweet point between performance and power usage.

    Good hour to see if anything will have FATAL error, but 5-8hours for a good complete stress test.
  20. i dont know why but for some reason i have to set my vcore to 1.4+ in order for my machine to boot lol dram is on manual but what do you mean to put it in top specs? i dont understand memory timings very well xD
  21. you said it yourself!!! "i dont understand memory timings very well" if you don't understand it please don't mess with it UNTIL you understand it MORE.....
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