CM blademaster VS gentle typhoon

Hi all, I'm gonna buy a prolimatech mega shadow with 1 push fan(will upgrade later to push pull) but I have some doubts on what fan to buy. I have doubts between the coolermaster blademaster en one of the scythe gentle typhoons.

cm blademaster PWM:

GT 1850 rpm

My guess is that the GT will be better but since I won't buy a fan controller and the blademaster is PWM controlled I wanted some thoughts on this.

I also have another question. How big is the difference in noise / cooling between the GT 1850 and 1450? wich of these two would you recommend? Is it worth going for the 1850 one or will the 1450 do just fine?

GT 1850 rpm

GT 1450rpm

I seem to lean more towards the GT myself.
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  1. The Gentle typhoon is better of the two but as you said no pwm... i would recommend Sharkoon Silent Eagle 120MM for $18... better fan with PWM control and high build quality...
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