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  1. Thing is, at this point no one knows what if any differences there may be, besides maybe a 200Mhz bump. Could be locked and sell cheaper, could be higher NB clocks. could be a new stepping with better thermals, which may oc better than expected.
    We'll know soon enough
  2. ^ The 965 might have a new stepping and an increased NB frequency. OEMs care way more about stock performance, anyway - just as the whole market. AMD might launch this CPU at a higher price tag, since it should be very close to the Q9650, or replace the 955 (pricewise). Also, since we are nearing Lynnfield's launch, AMD need to milk as much performance as it can from K10.5.
  3. Maybe it's 6-core instead of 4? :D

    That would have been the ultimate payback for intels cheap rebranding nonsense. Ah well, live in hope. :D
  4. jennyh said:
    Unfortunately, I'd go with the conservative option here. If the 965 isn't quite what was being reported, I'd think it's probably 'just' a 3.3ghz part instead of 3.4ghz.

    It really hasn't been that long since the 955 was released so to expect another 0.2ghz in such a short time is asking quite a lot.

    It wouldn't make sense to launch it at 3.3, because: a) it's too close to the 955 model and they wouldn't be able to adjust the prices accordingly; b) they have been updating their CPU line using 200 MHz bumps. Also, most people don't have any troubles running their 940s or above at 3.6 GHz - using stock voltage -, so, I don't think it's something 'radical', especially if they are using a new stepping. I expect them to have a 3.8 GHz CPU - or higher - by mid 2010.
  5. jennyh said:
    Maybe it's 6-core instead of 4? :D

    That would have been the ultimate payback for intels cheap rebranding nonsense. Ah well, live in hope. :D

    That would be -very- cool, although very unlikely.
  6. Yeah, I dont see any half speed speed bumps
  7. Yep I know it's unlikely, but dreaming is free so what the hell. :D

    I'm not sure what is going on tbh, it's unlike AMD to deny leaks. 0.2ghz so soon again seems too fast imo. I do agree that 3.3ghz would be greeted with resounding cries of 'bah' however, much like the planned 3.1ghz of the 955.

    Shouldn't be too long before we find out more. I'm just not gonna be holding out high hopes, that way maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  8. With intel going to the i* platforms running three different sockets concurrently, what would AMD's best stratedgy be to compete? Intels seems to want to force you to decide what levelof performance you want on the front end. Keeping one socket with a very wide range of options might be just the ticket. It would allow builders like hp and dell to sell there value added upgrades without too many incompatability issues. Base price including Athlon 2 = x, w/P2 x2 = x+25, P2 x3 =x + 50, .... etc etc on to P2 x6 + 500.
  9. chaohsiangchen said:
    That's not going to happen until Orichi hits the market in 2011. Even by then, Intel, with 10 times more money into R&D and numerically superior army of engineers, may present something even better than i7. Unless Intel botched again like they did with Netburst, or AMD is really lucky with their new architecture, we're not going to see FX brand for a long time.

    Unless the uncore is able to reach higher frequency with reduced latency to L2 and L3.

    :( ok sorry AMD for what i say
    we will see AMD in 2011 blow all CPU *_*
    and i will wait for 2011 bulldozer :sol:
  10. Somehow I don't think AMD is interested in blowing all CPUs, just the midrange ones where the money is.
  11. Quote:
    Will have to wait and see if it releases a BE edition. I got my 955 at 4.2Ghz stable so Im happy with what I have for now.

    You really need to post it every thread? We know you love it. hell I love mine but am not going to post it every thread.

    The_Blood_Raven said:
    Can you and Psycho let the man be proud? Can you get the stick out of your asses?

    Damn people need to chill...

    As for the Phenom 965, there has been no recent news.

    Yea I would but when its every thread, which no one has actually done before, it gets a tad annoying. In fact the only time people do that is when they create a thread of their new PC build to show it off.

    So glad I can annoy so many hater intel fanboys here with my pics. Also that the small details that everyone pays attention to is amazing. That germ x bothers so many and to be analyzed so much as what I do with it, lol. Too funny! Most of them are also iPhone haters on top of bashing anything amd and those that show off what they have. Another reason to go against the tide of overpriced, darkside that intel is. Every review I see about i7 this i7 that makes me crap even more, longer in the toilet lol. More power to you haters, it just fuels me even more to be different and go against the grain of intel.

    Wait wait wait wait wait one second..... You don't even know the true rigs of most of the people.

    And second of all you are being a total hypocryt here. Talking about haters who like intel yet trashing a Core i7 because of reviews which BTW Phenom II is in every one of those and the Phenom II also gets its own too. So why do you hate on people who have Intel and show off your rig consitently?

    Oh.... e-peen. Guess its just not big enough yet is it. (BTW, you are not being "different". You are about 10 years to late for that.... you know back when AMD was truly a underdog only the techies knew about. Now you are just like everyone else.)

    Sorry but that pissed me off. As for the Ph II 965, Its probably much like the Ph II 955 was to the 945. Samd core just clocked higher. If they can increase the NB without upping the TDP I say go for it although I doubt it will do much for performance in anything that doesn't have to use the memeory massivley.

    And if you have a 955 why in the hell would you upgrade to a 965? Its a waste of money for such a slight increase in clock speed that you can get from OCing. I mean its like getting a Q6600 then a QX6850 when you could have OCed the Q6600 to 3GHz no problems.

    Now upgrading from a Phenom or Athlon X2, maybe it will be worth it. But from a PH II not really.
    Looks to be hitting 4.3 Ghz at 1.39v, if those are correct, and all 4 cores, on air
  13. Seems to be the same as the other PH IIs with a 0.2 GHz speed bump...
    It would be nice if a newer stepping allowed AMD to get 4.0 GHz parts @ 125w by the end of the year...
    I just wonder if they're planning to release an Istambul desktop counterpart (ie: Phenom II X6) and how it would perform against an I7.
  14. From what Ive read, in server, and on things where HT (SMT) cant be used or actually hinders performance, the hex cores win out, but once you introduce smt, and also, since Intel has higher clocks, at this point, i7 wins. AMD will have to ramp up the clocks for their hex cores to be competitive on DT. Current clocks are only 2.6, while Intels are much higher, with turbo as well
  15. Those are nice clocks... wow.
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