How to over clock amd 955 x4 ?

i recently bought amd 955 and i wanna over clock it i read guid here but what i need to know from where do i start
i will start by the stock fan first to see how the things going if it success
i will buy new cooler master fan
well how to increase multiplier for the cpu from my bios
i read the guide by 4ryan6 and he says i need to raise cpu multiplier and set vcore at auto for first time so dose my motherboard can see vcore at auto statue ?


system >
amd 955 x4 black
gigabyte ga-770-ud3
2x2g ram ddr2 kingston hyperx buss 1066 (but its set at 800 default)
ATI hd 4870 1G
500 watt power supply OCZ


so from where do i start because i don't see multiplier word in my bios. here is how it looks
note:its picture from my motherboard_manual and not the real .....the real is ddr set x4.00 at 800(there is x5 at 1066 but i did'nt play with it yet )
and cpu is 200 and normal cpu vcore 1.4000

i'm newbi so explain to me how to overclock my cpu
any help i apprciated much
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  1. Dammit malmental! Always beating me to the easy ones ha.

    I would assume your multiplier is under "CPU Ratio". You'll be looking for a dropdown or list of options that will probably be set to 16 currently if your CPU is at 3.2GHz. If you have options to put this number higher, it will times your FSB Frequency (that is currently at 200MHz) by whatever number you select.

    16 x 200 = 3200 = 3.2GHz clock.

    17 x 200 = 3400 = 3.4GHz clock etc.

    If you need further assistance, please post back.
  2. thanks guys for help

    now i run it at 3.7 ghz but i want 4ghz and that's tricky because i don't know what voltage do i need to run it @ 4ghz and the voltage is already set to auto and i can't change vcore volage but when i click on cpu voltage control it says +0.05v
    ..............etc and so is it the same or not ? or not related to vcore which i cannot change on these mobo
  3. Quote:
    (3.7GHz) is a nice clock..

    thanks man for help me , i know its nice clock but i wanna see if the cpu can handle 4ghz :D and stable as 3.7 ghz so any idea ?? i wrote about my problem above with vcore
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