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I started my desktop yesterday and the case fan runs full speed and won't slow down. I have no idea what has caused this. What do I need to do to correct the fan problem? What accutual controls the cabinet fan speed? Thanks for your help.
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  1. How is the fan installed?
    Taking power directly from the PSU? Or plugged into the motherboard fan headers?
  2. Or are you saying that before yesterday your fan was running at a slower speed but is now only running at full speed?
  3. The fan is plugged into the mother board. The fan was running at a slower speed but now its full out. The only time I've ever noticed fan noice was when I was putting a heavy gaming load on my system or having 10 or so IE open at the same time. Thanks for you help.
  4. Are you using a gpu app, or say Sandra, or especially Everest or maybe EVGAs precision?. Sometimes Ive seen where 1 of these apps activate fan control by just reading fan rpm, maaybe a bios glitch
  5. No I'm not running any app, I will review the Bios thanks.
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